January 24, 2010

Good Things #9 Free Knitting Patterns

One can currently find just about anything on-line, including hundreds of free knitting patterns and even free knitting lessons. Sometimes I do color copy .... I guess nothing is really free. My Snow On Cedars Fingerless Gloves were adapted from the Squirrelly Swedish Mittens above. I recently had an order for these particular gloves from a friend who plays the organ for a big cathedral in Massachusetts. She says she gets quite chilly especially during her long practice sessions. I like them because they keep my fingers free to do more knitting. These particular gloves sell for $41 and can be made in your favorite colors. A pair of fingerless gloves without the Fair Isles Design would sell for $37.
Another good way to keep your hands warm is to wear a scarf around your neck. I make these too. So many patterns. So little time.


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