September 23, 2009


Dark am I
the shadows fly
in skuttled shades
across the sky.
Purpled deep,
a vigil keep,
the watchman's eye
dare not sleep.
Even fall,
midnight call
entreat the light
to chase the pall.
Drummer beat,
conflict meet,
the hollow sound
of running feet.
Thunder shreik,
safety seek,
full terror torn
the bloody reek.

Who is this
who rides the dawn,
with vengeance kiss
a battle spawn?
The names proclaim
upon his thigh,
a devil bain
and victory cry.
Mighty rescue
righteous flood
sharp sword slew
his mantle blood.
With satisfaction
sheath the sword.
A celebration
just reward.
from on high,
Mercy lover,
banner fly.
Gone the scorn.
Remove the foil.
My cheeks adorn
with battle spoil.
Tribute bring
I bare the brand.
Owner, king
My Savior stand.
~ Melanie R. Bird

Oh Yes, They Call It the Blues ...

Mental Illness describes all brain malfunction from Dyslexia & ADD to Post Traumatic Stress, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, to Bi-Polar and other stranger conditions. I have had my share of brain malfunction usually triggered by some kind of grief. Negative & dark emotions had come to stay and wreak their havoc on me mentally and physically.

The politically correct hope that is held out to the mentally afflicted is in the shape of a pill. I will not say that medication is wrong. It has it's place but it is inadequate. I have always believed in a holistic approach to depression, treating body mind and spirit because each affects the other. Vitamins and exercise have value and unlike medication have positive side effects. Medication should not take the place of proper exercise and diet nor should it be a cop out for having the right attitudes. Putting off negative thinking and emotions and putting on the positive. Emotions trigger chemicals in the body. Anxiety triggers cortisol and stress has been fingered as a major cause of illness and disease.

Neither can medication take the place of God in your life. God is the great healer. Recognizing that we are not God is the first step to sanity. Submitting to his leadership will keep you grounded. Discovering his love for you beginning at the cross where Christ took the penalty for your sin and rebellion will fill you with praise and thankfulness. His presence with you through the Holy Spirit will give you contentment. Prayer will calm your anxiety and fill you with quietness and trust. Repentance will dispel your sinful thoughts and replace them with what is wholesome and good. Accepting God's forgiveness and forgiving others will bring peace to your heart and relationships. No pill will do this for you. Praise God!

I have tested and tried these things and they are true.

September 8, 2009

Labor Day Family Reunion V

A good time was had by all ..... Love to Jesse Ben Bird on his submarine and to his wife Gabrielle Ashley Herndon Bird in Hawaii ..... we miss ya!

Labor Day Family Reunion IV

It was a cool September afternoon ...

There are pumpkins in the pumpkin patch!

Lauren Ava & Danielle pick a pumpkin.

Labor Day Family Reunion III

Sometimes we talked inside .... (from left to right: "Gramma" Mary Bird, "Gammie" Gwen Urban, "Aunt" Ruth Bird, "Grandaddy" Ed Urban, Amanda Bird, "Grady"Dave Bird & of course baby Asher). Mary & Ruth drove from Ambler, PA. They brought the salad & baked beans. Ed & Gwen drove from around the corner. Gwen is recovering from her second hip replacement two weeks ago.

..... and sometimes we talked outside (from left to right: "Grady" Dave, Jonathan Edwin Bird, Josh, Samantha, Ruth, Lauren & Stephanie.

Labor Day Family Reunion II

Caelen & Samantha Marie brought friends with kids and soda pop. This is Danielle Leach.

Christine Leach with baby Stephanie and husband Dan. The Leach family are church friends and Caelen works for Dan as a gardener on an estate. Christine left the reservation somewhere out west to live and work in Delaware. She is a personal assistant / housekeeper on the same estate

Samantha is a photographer who does not like her picture taken. Is that a control issue? Here she gives me the fingers or some kind of salute .... she really loves me.

There was a game of Frisbee

..... and some roughhousing.

Lauren came dressed for a "Love In"

Labor Day Family Reunion I

Kiss The Cooks

Josh & Amanda came up from Annapolis. They brought the kids and the beer.

Momma Bird ...... 1/2 the women in the family answer to that one so we will call her:

Amanda Jill Easton Bird (actually Jill is her pre-nuptual name which was replaced by her maiden name. I think it's just too pretty to forget).

The youngest family member, Asher is most comfortable with his mom, dad and siblings but is getting to know and accept the rest of us. Just the opposite of his outgoing brother James. One of these days I will post some baby photo's of his daddy. You can hardly tell them apart ..... twins separated by 30 years with different mom's! The family never ceases to be amazed at the resemblance ... we stand in little groups looking at the baby, Josh and the photo's .... somebody say it just one more time .... "he looks like his daddy!!!"

Asher Benjamin with his daddy Joshua David. If Asher had been a girl we would have had Lydia Wolcott Bird. Lydia Clements was my great gramma on my father's side .... my sister and I called her, 'Gram' when we were young. She was the sweetest little lady who lived almost exclusively on chocolate. Her maiden name was Tozar which is Pennsylvania Dutch. She married John Clements who was of French descent...... Wolcott is a family name on the Bird side which can be found on the Mayflower contract .... I think I got that right ... Gramma Bird? As it is, Asher shares a middle name with his Uncle Jesse.
Anyway we all loved the little girl's name ... maybe they should have just one more ... Amanda?

James Thomas catches what's been eating my kale! Thomas is another family name. My brother was Thomas Edwin Urban named for my great grandfather Thomas Kellogg and my father Edwin C. Urban and David's grandfather was also named Thomas Bird.
Caelen Seth Bird made it into this photo group too. Caelen is not named after anyone. His mother just had a whim.

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