September 20, 2010

For Samura

This is the little brown dollie that I found on ebay for Samura. Now a days American children get so many electronic toys. When I was little I was given dollies like the one above. I still have them but they are all white dollies. Samura may want to play with some and some I have already promised to my grand daughters when they are old enough to play nicely with them. The little dollie came with no clothes so I have been making some. The dress above is a school uniform like the ones at our school.

Above is her colonial dress and below is her nightie. I plan to set aside the next outfit as a Christmas gift. It will have a little hand knitted sweater and hat. I have also bartered for a couple more brown dollies. I still have many of my childrens books and some toys that I have kept for my grand children's visits. Once Samura is mature enough I would like to help her take pictures and set up her own blog. It will help to sharpen her writing skills.

Christmas Day in our home had the American traditions. The children would wake up first and the family would come down to a Christmas tree in the living room. Each person had a stocking hung by the fireplace. When my boys were little they always got new socks and underwear with special candy treats and matchbox cars. Under the tree each family member would have three gifts to remember the three gifts given to the Christ Child by the Magi. The boys liked action figures and lego's or sports equipment. Then there was always a big dinner with more family and presents. The best times were when we lit a fire in the fireplace and I would sew and the children would play with their new toys.

Everyone Needs A Mentor

September 17, 2010

Annual Labor Day Family Picnic

Didn't know we were getting together until the day before but everybody brings something and just shows up. Seems to be the one holiday besides Christmas that we all do. James and Asher appear to be developing the interest in basketball like their Uncle Jon.  But she could become the athlete once she starts walking. Lauren is an artist first and last and showed little interest in the basketball court. But she will gladly have her toes painted.

Li"l Ones

We were down in Annapolis before the beginning of school to help Josh & Amanda get the town house ready for sale. We did some cleaning, laundry and Dave fixed a hole in the ceiling from some child induced plumbing disaster.


Josh and Amanda have had an overwhelming schedule between work and school but I hear that things are settling down. We didn't have much time for photos but I squeaked in a few of the babies. James wasn't around while the camera was out so I have a bunch of snapshots from Labor Day.

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