June 27, 2009


This Is The House That Nolan Built
It is the Bird House now. It was once the Nolan House. Mr. Nolan was the builder for most of the homes in North Roselle. Our house is still called the Nolan House by the old timers in the neighborhood because he lived here. Some other homes in North Roselle ...

Best Memories

One afternoon I was stretching my legs with a walk around my neighborhood when I saw a car pull into a driveway. A young air force officer emerged with a duffel bag and took the steps two at a time to the front door. The door opened and the elderly woman threw her hands over her face to muffle a scream then threw her arms around the young man's neck. It was a Norman Rockwell moment .... it joins other recollections like listening to a stocky little Hispanic woman in a white summer dress singing a Spanish song on a swing in the park one summer day.... the moment you realize you are in love .... walking down the aisle on your wedding day .... receiving your newborn son in your arms for the very first time .... coming to Jesus. These are the good things. My heart is full. What are your stories? This is an interactive blog. Please share them.

The Old Methodist Church

Sits on the edge of the neighborhood and rings out chimes for lunch and dinner. Our son Jesse was married to Gabrielle Herndon here. We have attended on occasion but are currently Presbyterians worshiping with a Baptist Church.

My mom & dad live directly across from the church on Clifton Rd. My dad is in semi retirement from his pastorate in Virginia.

My mom has just had her first hip replacement. The second is scheduled for the end of summer. Her first outing was to stroll her walker across the street to church.

Our neighbor's the Walsh family also attended church here. Their daughter Samantha married our son Caelen. She really was "the girl next door".

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