May 21, 2010

Nature's Way Not Far Away

Nature's Way, A whole food store located on Kirkwood Highway near Elsmere is directly across the road from where we live in North Roselle. Yesterday I went into the store for some colloidal silver and to my delight found that they now carry produce from local farms. Today, I needed milk and eggs so I simply crossed the street to buy organic at prices comparable to the Acme. These products are available in the back of the store from the Delaware Local Food Exchange. The proprietor, Karen also carries local cheese, beef, poultry, bacon & sausage, fruits and veggies. Also in this corner can be found some handmade note cards, soaps and jewelry. As long as I was there I picked up some other items from Nature's Way including some flax seed oil and protein shake which since it was rather warm out seemed like a healthy alternative to a milk shake. Good marketing move Nature's Way. I will be in your store more often.
Just a P.S. about colloidal silver or Silver Biotics. This product fights infection so well that I am rarely every sick for taking it. Nature's Way also carries homeopathic medicines. As a gardener I keep rhus tox in my medicine cabinet .... nothing works better to nip poison ivy rash in the bud.

May 19, 2010

The Classic Linen Sundress

So here is the dress I just finished for Lauren. I plan to make a little hat out of the yellow fabric in the pocket. Today I started another project (you will have to wait and see!). Each prototype seems to take me twice as long as it should. I expect once I am familiar with the patterns it will not take me quite so long.
You can click on the photos above to enlarge but I recommend going to my Cotton Ginnie Studio to get the details.

My Neighbor's Tree

My neighbor has a tree that overhangs our yard. I'm not sure of the proper name for this tree but it is related to magnolia. The leaves are close to two feet long and the flowers are about 15 -20 inches across. I've tried to pick them for indoor decoration but they turn brown very quickly. The tree is deciduous so in the fall the leaves have to be picked up off the ground. They are nearly too big to rake. Rather spectacular.

May 18, 2010

Sending Out An S.O.S.

Purchase my Seamen's Scap or Scarf and for an extra $15 I will make and send an extra to either the Newport Docks through the Seamen's Center of Wilmington, Inc. or to the U.S. Navy. Prices and details can be found on my etsy shop, Cotton Ginnie Studio.
The Seamen's Center of Wilmington Inc.
The Mission is to respond to statistics that show the quality of life at sea is declining. Now more then ever, services provided by the Seamen's Center of Wilmington are needed. The dedication of the Executive Director and steadily growing corps of volunteers touches the lives of a multitude of seafarers with a commitment to personal, practical and spiritual assistance. Nestled in the heart of the Port of Wilmington complex, the Center offers mariners arriving in the First State a haven from the lonely routine of life aboard a merchant vessel.
The Spirit of the Center was exemplified in the fall of 1999 when the MN Nora docked at the Port of Wilmington. The undermanned vessel was disabled, had no provisions and crew members had not been paid in many months. Learning of their plight, The Seamen's Center of Wilmington mobilized volunteers and the community to provide vital services for the seafarers.
Stranded at the Port, the mariners received food, clothing and supplies. Compassion and understanding were extended by the dedicated volunteers of the Center.
The Heart of the organization is boundless in addition to efforts aimed at nourishing the body and mind, the Seamen's Center of Wilmington endeavors to provide special seasonal, philanthropic and spiritual events. Unique programs, like Christmas At Sea and Sea Sunday, offer opportunities for community groups to also contribute.
Sometimes, what a seamen needs most is a sympathetic ear to help in stressful situations. The staff and volunteers understand that people the world over must support one another in times of triumph and in times of tragedy. They listen and respond to the needs of these strangers. When necessary, they can call upon an extensive network of seafaring and community agencies for additional support and guidance.
The Body & Mind of a visiting mariner are rejuvenated by the many amenities available at the Seamens' Center of Wilmington:
~ Phone cards; private phone booths
~Free Internet access
~Television and movies
~Free pre-owned clothing
~International reading material
~Pool table
~Free transportation
The Seamen's Center of Wilmington serves approximately 500 ships, representing more then 80 countries, annually. These vessels bring 5,000+ seafarers to the Ports in the State of Delaware:
~Port of Wilmington
~Delaware City
The Center's goal is to extend a warm welcome and offer a respite from the loneliness of life at sea.
Because thousands of lonely seafarers need the Seamen's Center of Wilmington, the Center needs you.
Volunteer your time
Consider devoting a few hours to helping us. Your contact with the seafarers from all parts of the world will open a new and rewarding world for you.
Participate in a variety of unique programs
As a part of our Christmas At Sea effort, prepare gift packages for seamen who will be away from loved ones during the holiday season.
Promote, at your church or the Center, the annual statewide ecumenical religious observance, Sea Sunday. This event prayerfully remembers those who sail the seas.
Donate needed supplies and gifts
The Center is always in need of a variety of supplies, including playing cards, magazines, coffee, tea, men's clothing, books, videos and cookies.
Offer your financial support
The Center depends on financial contributions generously donated by individuals, businesses, members of the maritime community, churches and public sources.
For more information, contact:
Seamen's Center of Wilmington, Inc
PO Box 405
Wilmington, DE 19899
Or if you wish to donate through Cotton Ginnie Studio to our boys in the U.S. Navy simply send me a check and e-mail and I will make the donation through my son Ensign Jesse Bird.
More information about the history of the Seamen's Scap & Scarf can be found on the Cotton Ginnie Studio Shop on etsy.

May 17, 2010

A Ginnie Jacket

My first hand sewn item of clothing for my Cotton Ginnie Studio was a shower gift for Samantha & Caelen & my new grand baby .... yes it is a girl! But the name is a surprise so for now she is Jane Doe or Baby Ginnie. I am currently finishing up a dress for my other grand daughter Lauren. I'll be posting pictures soon.
I can't find a lot in the current fashion trends that I like very much. So I plan to come up with some of my own. My source of inspiration will be coming from Japanese pattern books and vintage clothing. I've found these books and patterns on etsy. My materials will be the natural fibers that I love; linen, cotton, wool & silk. And clothing will be classic in style with some simple and elegant detail. Stay posted!

Green Things Growing

I am pleased with the flower borders. I trimmed the Abraham Darby English Rose shorter so that it would not be so leggy. It is complimenting the rhubarb, iris and peonies rather nicely. A flower border is about visual harmony and diverse texture. My flowers look to be happy and holding hands.
You can see the lettuce, squash & parsley abounding. I have the same vegetables as last year but I have added a few. The lettuce is a first timer ... really tasty. I have lots of tomato plants. I grabbed a package at the nursery thinking it was Roma Tomatoes but they turned out to be Whoppers... I was bummed until I saw Roma coming up from last years seeds. I have Sweet Cherry Tomatoes and Big Boy as well. I'll fill you in on the rest later.

May 4, 2010

A Present For Molly

I bought this little bowl at Good Deals because it made me think of Molly. I had been using a small cooking pot for her water bowl but this is so much nicer and it comes with a sweet little message. Today I filled it up with filtered water and set it next to her food dish. She didn't give it a second look but she will once she notices that the water is filtered which she prefers to tap. I know this because she drinks from my watercolor wash. She doesn't lap. She dips her paw and licks the water from it. She is such a lady.

Living Without

There's some that say living without is character building. We appreciate something so much more when it has been absent. This happened to me recently with Q tips. Over a period of about a month I kept forgetting to add them to my shopping list. After making do for several weeks I can say with confidence that nothing takes the place of a Q tip. The same is true for spray starch. I don't know how it's made .... I just have to buy it. I know polyester is easier but I love my cottons and linens and so I must iron and I must have spray starch. Here I am slightly embarrassed to admit that I iron sheets (or at least touch them up a bit) since this usually attracts a reprimand or mockery of some sort. I just don't like slipping between crumpled and creased sheets.


While housekeeping for the DuPonts I got to use a mengle iron which is a wonderful luxury. One can fold a flat sheet in half and run it through the press and roller in a minute or maybe two. But these sell for $3,000. I will probably continue to live without .... but think how much I might appreciate one if I had it! Ah the gift of time. Any how we ironed everything at the DuPonts ... even the Governor's boxers (with a request for no starch).


One thing I have never had was a lingerie bag. Any women out there who has had her underwear or favorite sweater wrap three times around a load of laundry can see the practicality of such an item. But here I am a married woman of nearly 35 years and I have never had one! Now my sweaters and underwear are no longer being mangled .... which goes to show that sometimes one must spend some money to save some money.


Thus gratified and emboldened, I am now eyeing an extra deep dust pan at the Acme so that I can sweep up the leaves and debris that blow down my basement stairwell. I could keep it by the basement door with the broom that is already there for said purpose and the pile of leaves that has been waiting clean up for several weeks. This is as it should be.

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