May 21, 2010

Nature's Way Not Far Away

Nature's Way, A whole food store located on Kirkwood Highway near Elsmere is directly across the road from where we live in North Roselle. Yesterday I went into the store for some colloidal silver and to my delight found that they now carry produce from local farms. Today, I needed milk and eggs so I simply crossed the street to buy organic at prices comparable to the Acme. These products are available in the back of the store from the Delaware Local Food Exchange. The proprietor, Karen also carries local cheese, beef, poultry, bacon & sausage, fruits and veggies. Also in this corner can be found some handmade note cards, soaps and jewelry. As long as I was there I picked up some other items from Nature's Way including some flax seed oil and protein shake which since it was rather warm out seemed like a healthy alternative to a milk shake. Good marketing move Nature's Way. I will be in your store more often.
Just a P.S. about colloidal silver or Silver Biotics. This product fights infection so well that I am rarely every sick for taking it. Nature's Way also carries homeopathic medicines. As a gardener I keep rhus tox in my medicine cabinet .... nothing works better to nip poison ivy rash in the bud.


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