March 1, 2010

Nest In Bloom

I bought one of Samantha's scarves from her etsy shop nestinbloom. Isn't it lovely? I bet she could make one for you too!

More blooms on my orchids & violets!

Beg, Barter & Sell

My neighbor Kim picked up a small but unfinished crocheted area rug. She asked me to finish it in exchange for a Loft silk floral dress ... I said, "yes"

I then found this fabulous cashmere/silk lace yarn and decided to make French Blue Sleeves (sort of an opera length fingerless glove). I figure in early spring it will add a warm and elegant look to my dress and I love the color combination. The sleeves are meant to be loose and slouchy, below the elbow. I'm using #1 needles so there are a zillion stitches. Look for the finished item on my Cotton Ginnie Studio on etsy.

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