September 23, 2009


Dark am I
the shadows fly
in skuttled shades
across the sky.
Purpled deep,
a vigil keep,
the watchman's eye
dare not sleep.
Even fall,
midnight call
entreat the light
to chase the pall.
Drummer beat,
conflict meet,
the hollow sound
of running feet.
Thunder shreik,
safety seek,
full terror torn
the bloody reek.

Who is this
who rides the dawn,
with vengeance kiss
a battle spawn?
The names proclaim
upon his thigh,
a devil bain
and victory cry.
Mighty rescue
righteous flood
sharp sword slew
his mantle blood.
With satisfaction
sheath the sword.
A celebration
just reward.
from on high,
Mercy lover,
banner fly.
Gone the scorn.
Remove the foil.
My cheeks adorn
with battle spoil.
Tribute bring
I bare the brand.
Owner, king
My Savior stand.
~ Melanie R. Bird


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