January 24, 2010

Good Things #8 Organization

I love organization and I am usually reaching for higher levels of excellence in this area. If you have ever seen an artists studio other than in a magazine you will know that it's not pretty ..... paint splotches, fabrics, books tossed willy nilly. Some can work in this atmosphere. I generally feel most creative when I have a clean slate. Everything is put away from one project and ready for the next and I know where everything is because it has been organized. I like my home office and closets this way as well. Mostly I sort and organize with baskets and over the years have bought storage furniture and shelving to help in the endeavor.
In the above picture is a notebook which I have fitted with plastic sleeves to hold my favorite knitting patterns. They are alphabetized, categorized, preserved, protected and at the tip of my fingers. Some of the sleeves will even suit to hold circular needles.
The knitting project you see is going to be a sweater made form alpaca wool. An alpaca can easily be mistaken for a llama. Alpacas are herd animals and not loners. Apparently if a farmer wants to deliver an alpaca he takes three. One to drop off and two to keep each other company on the ride home. Sounds like a Polish joke. But they have very soft wool.


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