January 24, 2010

Good Things #6 Candles

Candles are comforting. I always light my kitchen candles when I am cleaning up, or sitting in my bedroom chair, knitting and listening to rain drumming on the window pane .... another good thing. My favorite candles are the splint candles because they crackle while they burn. You can hear them if you are very quiet. Generally I burn pumpkin or cinnamon in the fall and pine in December. I like pear. And I prefer coach candles to tapers. They are shorter.
For practical purposes vanilla absorbs household odors. Other scents just lay on top of the odor. I gave this bit of advice to Jesse before he was married and living with two other guys, a cat, a litter of kittens and fleas. He was a little slow on the take but once he tried it he was sold. I may not be able to credit vanilla candles for bringing him and Gabrielle together but they certainly didn't hurt. Longaberger candles are the best I've found and Jesse likes to be well stocked even though he now has a wife who smells very nice.


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