January 26, 2010

Good Things #3 Baskets, Pottery & Ironstone

I like rustic and natural materials. While I do have Mottahedeh and Canton Blue & White China, for daily use I prefer my pottery & ironstone. The Longaberger Pottery is durable (microwave, oven, freezer & dishwasher safe) It is chip, crack and craze resistant. Our pottery and baskets are made to mix and match. Above (lower right) is an American Heritage Basket with Cutting Board Lid and the Soft Square Bowl. If this sounds like a commercial it is because I have been a Longaberger Rep for over 20 years. Our pottery is the number one selling pottery in America today. To meet public demand for lower cost we outsource our Woven Tradition line of pottery from China. To meet public demand for American made we have our own Made In America Matters line of pottery. I believe we employ about 40 American pottery factories and hundreds of American Artisan Basket Weavers in Dresden, Ohio.
Being a Longaberger Rep. has provided a good income for my family as well. As a consultant I receive discounts with my company and others. Free product, literature, samples, .... even a Bose Radio/CD Player & PlayStation 3, to mention a few extra perks. Consultants receive personal websites supported by the company, lots of training in sales, marketing and leadership and it has paid my family's bills, helped to keep our home and allowed my husband and me to travel some including a trip to Paris, France.
The top two pictures are most of my pottery and ironstone. My kitchen cupboards have glass front in the butler pantry style so that I can display my pretty collection.


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