December 22, 2009

Christmas Pleasures

It is a tradition at a Philadelphia bakery on Lehigh Avenue to sell a Pound Cake every year at Christmas. Folks line up around the block to buy the cake which is weighed on a scale and sold by the pound and then wrapped in plastic and butcher paper. We received a loaf of this very special cake as a gift of gratitude from a teacher at WCS (who grew up in Phillie) because David had taken over some of her duties. The cake did not last long and it was good enough to be added to the Bird tradition except I don't think we can trek up to Phillie to keep it going but we may be begging favors or signing up for more duties.
More traditions are observed as the days draw closer to Christmas. Caroling .... Luminary Night .... we had to celebrate without luminaries because of the snow. Apparently Santa was snowed in too. I've been baking and taking cookies to the neighbors. I was unable to come up with a good sugarless cookie recipe so we will just have to be moderate. And we receive too .... a rather potent eggnog concoction from the Hudsons ..... Kim Kelley knocking at my door with a package that just can't wait till Christmas because we are both too excited. And David coming home from the last day of school with a sackful of homemade treats from students and parents.

So Dear Reader, what are your traditions?


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