December 21, 2009

The Big Snow of 2009

Jon's way of enjoying a snow day .... or any day. A recruiter spoke to him last week about playing some ball in a program this coming summer. His coach thinks he has the potential to be a strong player. Jon wants to find a team at a Bible college. He is interested in Bible Study and he has strong relational and shepherding gifts.

This is known as the Angerstein House. Angerstein's is a home supply store in Elsmere. This house was originally built for the Angerstein Family who no longer live here. It faces our house at the opposite end of Orchard Drive. A couple lives there who are rarely home.

JoAnne lives here ... she is an antique dealer.

This was the Peterson's house. The Petersons are Catholic and have about 8 children or so. I lost count. Amanda and I call it The Destiny House. I got a vibe about Josh & Amanda living there someday. Actually I talked to the current owner Trish and she is thinking of selling in a year or so. Josh and Amanda are currently putting their town house on the market. Hmmm.

Left is Kenny & Bonnie Murphy's back yard. Kenny used to work as a gardener on a large estate. He is in his yard most days and is always a good source of information for anything green and growing. I've asked him many questions. When my iris were plagued by borers he gave me a fresh stock to replant. They were much healthier than the ones I replaced. Hope Yerkes lives in the house on the right. Her sister is neighbor to my parents. Caelen used to mow Ms. Yerkes lawn when he was a teenager.

This is John & his Polish wife. They are devoutly Catholic. John is retired but he does yard work for folks in the neighborhood and plays pool at the senior center.

Some have snow plows and some have snow blowers and some have shovels. Jeffrey made a few bucks. The man with the blower is my parents neighbor, Tom. He owns two St. Bernard's.

I don't know all my neighbors by name but since I walk a lot I am familiar with most and everyone seems to know me.


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