December 25, 2009

Christmas Morning

Slept in .... 7:00 AM.Waiting for Dad.
Christmas Stockings first ... there is no picture of me with stocking because I didn't get one .... honestly Christmas would fall apart without me. In any event I was aware that this might happen so I placed a charge on my credit card just for me. So I expect there to be no complaints when the bill arrives ..... and yes I was very practical ... it was underwear ..... er Victoria Secrets.
Yes, I did some knitting .... Jon would like his hat to be bigger .... he really likes my hats. I was going to sell them online but every time I finish one he carts it off .... and he's taken to making requests.

Jon got homemade peanut butter cups and a PS 3 NBA Game .... David got a scrapbook and some cough syrup.

David gave me a beautiful antique piece of Ironstone and Jonathan gave me a Susan Boyle CD .... they did good.


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