October 12, 2009

The Nut House

We have a rather large oak tree in the front yard. It functions as a high rise for a good many squirrels. The acorns sound like large drops of rain as they drop .... you can hear them if you are sitting in the front yard on a quiet morning.
Besides acorns the squirrels like to dig in my flower pots looking for eats. One Christmas I had set a basket of bright green Granny Smith Apples tied with a holiday bow on the front stoop. Every day I would come home and see the basket tipped and one more apple gone. I really didn't mind until the following year when the same squirrels figured my fall pumpkin was lunch! Some days there are so many squirrels in my front yard they look like a flock of sheep grazing there. And I don't care what they say .... we have yet to find a squirrel proof bird feeder.


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