October 12, 2009

Christopher Columbus & Honey Do

Dave and Jon are off from school today and so it was a day to catch up on yard work, homework and a few other things. Dave is out tonight moonlighting at his evening job at Wilmington College where he teaches speech classes 1-2 nights a week.

David fixed my table today. The dogs got in a tussle and knocked it over breaking off a large piece of the fluted edge. Trouser felt really bad about it. He stood looking on helplessly until I told him it was all right and to go on with his day.

I cut down the basil last week and made pesto. There is still a good bit of parsley in the herb garden so I bought a package of sardines for making pesto with parsley. I will have to hurry since I've spotted some caterpillars noshing on the leaves this afternoon.

There is still some rosemary, sage, chives & lemon thyme .... rosemary is so lovely with beef or an earthy pot of mushroom soup .... chives and buttered peas of course .... and lemon thyme in a meatloaf. Perhaps I will dig them up and place them in a pot on the side porch.


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