October 10, 2009

Midwest Modern Classic Amy Butler

I promised you a picture of the quilt pattern that would be the inspiration for the t-shirt quilt that I am working on. Amy Butler is a designer that has significantly influenced the direction of fabric design in the last few years. The above quilt is made up predominantly of her fabrics.
I have also shown the back side of the quilt which is pieced as well. This quilt is in Jon's room which is meant to feel like a mountain top or beach vacation. The colors in his room are bottle glass blue and green with a dash of magenta.
Most of the art work in Jon's room are original silk screens or block prints mostly by my Uncle Edward Kimball Kellogg and one painting by my Aunt Deborah Kellogg Kropp. One of these prints reflects the colors of the room and is called, Midmorning.

I stitched this quilt in sections using about four different patterns. It reminds me of tiles. As I mentioned before Jesse liked this quilt too and so he and Gabrielle have one very similar to this.


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