October 18, 2009


This is our fourth day of rain, damp & chill ..... the cats and dogs won't go outside unless I go with them. I've given up jogging for my trampoline. Jonathan, however, ran through three hours of track in his track shorts. The Amish at the Farmers Market were giving buggy rides .... black carriages and chocolate brown cart horses and I heard about one sorry bride who got married in a tent for her outdoor wedding. Next week it's supposed to be 70 degrees!

Thursday I subbed at our school for the art teacher who had sprained her ankle. Enjoyed it very much. The kids are responsive and teachable. Dave suggested that I give watercolor classes to interested students on Saturdays .... I think a drawing class might be useful as well. The main art teacher at the school majors in sculpture so my classes would support and enhance the existing curriculum. We'll see if it gets off the ground.

Today Dave is painting interior walls with Caelen for Caelen & Samantha's new place. It the first floor of a stone house in the Brandywine area. I've seen pictures but am looking forward to visiting soon. They will move November 1.


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