July 12, 2009

Conversations With Mary

The following collection of poems is a poetic summary of conversations held with a woman at the HIV Center. Being a volunteer there the idea was that I would be a blessing to someone. But I found myself blessed listening to the expressions of faith coming from those who had such broken lives.

Mary has nothing that we would desire for ourselves unless if we believe the Beatitudes ... blessed are they that mourn, the poor, the humble, the merciful .... It is odd that she calls her grandson, "Christ the Lord" but then it was our Lord that said, "Whatever you have done for the least of these, you have done it unto me." and Mary tries to give out of her nothingness .... "Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou among women." ..... Listen to her:

Hail Mary

My name is Mary,
I think Mary is a blessed name.
Blessed art thou among women,
Blessed by the Lord -- Mother of God.

My children are grown.
I try to let them go.
My doctor say to let them go,
But I'm a mother -- Mother of God.

Do you have pictures?
I have pictures.
This my son -- he's in prison.
My daughter -- she be alone -- Mother of God

Her son lives with his daddy.
His name be Chris.
I call him Christ the Lord.
I do what I can for him -- Mother of God.

These are my books.
My bible books.
You got to be praisin' the Lord
Cause He's all ya got -- Mother of God.

I been on the street,
Gettin' used, doin drugs.
My life is hard, I got the sickness.
My man is gone -- Mother of God.

You got a pretty smile.
You got to smile and praise.
I hope I blessed ya.
Bless me Mary -- Mother of God


I don't worry
'bout what people say
The Lord know
and he the judge.

I lost my mind.
I was usin'.
But the Lord,
he kept me,
and I give him praise.

I'm a sinner.
But I tell the Lord
and he forgive me.
What you want me to do?
Cut off my head?
Cut out my heart?
The whole world
can come against me
but it don't matter.
God 'll just come down
Like a big ol' bowling ball.
Cause I be walkin' in the light.

Someday I'm goin' to Hollywood.
All them actors,
they got mental problems.
God give you problems so's
you can help people.
I'm goin' to Hollywood
and tell my story.
You may think I'm crazy
but God can do it.

Movin' On

I be movin' to a new place,
but I don' know how to get there.
I call my sister and her husband,
but they don' answer.
They'se not in the Lawd.
So I got stress.
Cause I can't see over the mountain till the end.
But the Lawd, he always bring me out.
And I think I'm gonna prosper.


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