July 12, 2009

I Like To Write

A Light In the Window is a collection of poetry about being lost and found and what you do about it afterwords. The following are some excerpts:

A Hope Deferred

I wish not to be free of thee
Nested in hope on my heart
Little bird, my desire.
How can I let thee go?
thou mayest not return.

Hesitant fingers unpry and
With surge and flutter
Launch my apples eye.
But yet a string I hold
and whisper, "I only want a blessing."

The string tangles and chokes me,
In the pain of my reluctance
I let go.
Through the rain I watched thee fly.
May olive branch and rainbow
Guide thee home.
Empty handed, cut but free,
I turn to face the one who knows.
"Bless me, for I will not let thee go."

My Comforter Comes

Let me see your face,
gentle smile trace.
To the dark belong
comfort mother song.
Feather soft your touch,
slipping down to such
a weary lover.

Hush me with a whisper,
kiss of evening vesper.
Sweet the words are said,
falling on my head.
Like a bird they hover,
or a downy cover,
settled on my heart.

The Widow's Offering

Last fall the pirate wind snatched
the leaves from the maple in the
yard, and in trampeling triumph
danced a dirge upon the garden path.
My tree, bare branched against a purple sky all glory
spent, is a silent testament.

I in my cap and coat protected
from the winds sharp tongue and
icy finger point, turn from the
blood trail. Reproached by all that is
mine in hearth and home,
purchased contentment not my
own but given, my coldness thaws
to prick my eyes and turn my step.

Though now the widow winter
weeps and earth bereaved lies
silent under shroud of snow. I
watch and wait for breath and
sprout of spring to crown the
thorny hedgerows of the way, as
earth and sky have wedding day
and all that's lost returns again.


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