July 13, 2009

A Light In The Window

This is the cover of my poetry collection. The picture was taken of an Israeli woman taping her windows during the bombing of Jerusalem by Sadam Hussein. That was the year that I wrote most of my poetry ... 1991 or 92. I was sorting through a lot of things and was very introspective. The poetry was like putting together a puzzle ... it helped me understand a thing or two. I am less introspective these days and do not write much poetry anymore .... it's a trade off. I go back and read them sometimes ..... it reminds me of the lengths that the Good Shepherd went to in order to find this little one and I will be forever grateful.

My first poem was The Twilight Zone. It's about listening to God and having him turn my life right side up.

The Twilight Zone

Walking the silver edge of reality,
cut my feet to make them leave
a trail of blood
that stains the marble floor.
The invisible man
with feather in hand
scripts a love letter in the splattered ink.

The feather begins to sing.
Allured I come to see
and step on holy ground.
The feather takes to flight.
We ride the wind around the world,
from icy poles of fear to
equators of passion.
A future flash
and life time told
in minutes or days,
a challenge and commission
to wherever.
Sometimes afraid I let go
and falling, calling, "Help me!"
Then caught and gently
placed in the sky, the stars
tangled in my hair -- can you count them?

Will these feet ever walk the earth again?
I think I will forever fly,
over the waters that reflect the sky
catching shiny fish.
And throw to outer space
another handful of stars,
in my hair. Flying fish.
Burn brightly little stars, my children.
Look at me and learn to fly.
The invisible man has left his
fingerprint on my soul.


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