September 25, 2011

So This Is How It Is

Spent a good bit of Saturday deciding on the arrangement of fabrics in my Double Irish Chain. After all was said and done, ended up going the traditional route. I'm very pleased. The pattern lends itself to strip and machine piecing. Much quicker then hand piecing. I will hand quilt. My sewing machine is working all right ... there's an annoying problem with the bobbin. I can only fill it half way or the needle snags on it. So a lot more stop and go to refill. The machine is a Brother .... did see a demo, at a reputable dealer, with a Janome machine that was pretty impressive .... should be at $500. Years ago I was scammed into purchasing a machine from a demo held at a Holiday Inn. The machine quickly malfunctioned and I had no where to return it to. I traded it in for the current machine at the local Singer store. However I have gotten repairs on the Brother, at said store, which have not been satisfactory as the problems persisted ... wasn't sure that they did anything to it. Any hoo .... I'm just glad that it is currently running with no tension problems.

J0n and Ashley did finally make it in by this morning. So I did break up quilt think sessions to cook and visit.


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