April 27, 2010

Etsy Recognition

My Seaman's Scap was placed on the Anchors Aweigh Treasury on etsy. This is a temporary collection of etsy merchandise that may be featured on their home page. Usually treasuries follow a theme like "spring" or "Easter" or a color like "blue". The way that etsy or other etsians come up with these treasuries is to customer search keywords. When I place a listing on etsy I can use up to 14 descriptive keywords for each listing. So I try to come up with the words that etsy and customers are most likely to search for. I just listed the Seaman's Scap last evening and this is my second appearance on a treasury. Samantha once included my watercolor portrait on a treasury that featured the color grey. This treasury was put together by etsian, Megan, who has a shop called "cram" (Crazy Aunt Megan). Thanks Megan! It is good for business.


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