April 25, 2010

Move Over J Crew

Samantha introduced me to the photo editing program on my computer. It is deeply satisfying to have complete artistic control over my photographs. I am now achieving the look that I want for my Cotton Ginnie Studio. Mostly I cropped and sharpened the photos and added contrast. The above photos were taken by several people. I took the shots of Caelen wearing the Seaman's Scap & Scarf (yes I call it a scap as in seaman's cap) Caelen & Samantha took the shots of me modeling the Geisha Girl Sweater and the French Blue Sleeves. Samantha promised to edit my underwear out of the one shot .... a neat trick I haven't learned yet. Samantha also took all the shots of Lauren wearing the Fair Isle Knitted Hat. I am so happy with how these turned out.


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