January 28, 2010

Good Things #2 Art

This is some of my water colors & color pencil work. They are all pictures of my children except for the landscape which is a Wyeth reproduction. I charge $125 for portraits.

This is some of my Uncle Ed Kellogg's art that hangs in my home. He works in oils, block print and silk screen. Some of his larger pieces are sold to business offices or hospitals. A few years back I happened to be in Nashville, TN staying at The Grand Ol' Opry for a Longaberger Convention when I had one of those priceless moments of walking into a room with friends and coworkers and seeing one of my uncle's paintings on the wall. I did a little name dropping.

These two prints are original color etchings. The one on the left was part of a set complete with french mats and frames. They were $40 apiece ..... a fraction of what you would pay to frame it now. The one on the right was found at a yard sale in Virginia in a box of frames marked 10 cents apiece. I took etching in college and know what goes into it. These are amazing. You can learn more about the etching process on Wikipedia.

A lovely watercolor purchased from my neighbor Kim Kelley for $18. An artist will charge you much more but this piece has probably changed hands a number of times.

This is only a print of an oil painting and has little value but the carving on the frame was so beautiful that when I saw it nailed on a tree at a yard sale for $8 it was mine. Choosing a frame can make or break a piece of artwork. If you're going modern basic black, white or metal will do but in my home I generally choose wood or maybe gold leaf. Also when framing an original or signed piece of art work an acid free rag matting is best so that the work will not yellow over time.

These are signed prints by my friend Janet Dixon. She won the Flower Market Art Show in 1993 with the watercolor on the right. It launched her art career. On the left are her two daughters. She also has twin boys. Our kids were the same ages and often played together. Janet and I sometimes took art classes at the DE Art Museum. The Dixon's moved back to North Carolina a few years back. I miss her.

The photograph on the left hangs in the upper hall. It reminds me to pray every time I go upstairs. It was a wedding gift. The signed watercolor print on the right was the former home of Dave Longaberger which is now an inn. I have stayed there many times.


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