November 30, 2009

Pusey's Farm

We've been going to the Pusey Farm for our Christmas Tree going on 25 years. When we started our tradition we had three little boys then four. The farm used to have an old Golden Retreiver that would play with the children but he has long since gone. This year it is just Dave and I keeping up the tradition. One year we got tired half way to Pusey's and turned into Pyles Hardware for a tree. It lost half it's needles by Christmas. We have not weakened since. Pusey has well kept trees and he is reasonable. The first year we paid all of $10 and now it is up to $20.
Our first Christmas we did not intend to get a tree but Christmas Eve found us at a tree lot in a sentimental mood. We picked up a Charlie Brown Tree for just $5. Some years later an old Virginia farmer offered us the pick of his field for free. Enticed we came to have a look see at what turned out to be the sorriest lot of pine trees I have ever seen. With the farmer standing beside us we could not be ungrateful and cheerfully took one of the free trees. It was basically a broom handle with a few branches sticking out here and there. There were so many large "bear" spots I decorated it with the kids teddy bears. Oddly enough we left it up till February.
My favorite Christmas Trees are Blue Spruce. I like my tree to look like the old German Christmas Cards with the baby angels and sparkles.

We saw a reindeer track .... can Christmas be far away?


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