November 26, 2009

Over The River

We had 19 for Thanksgiving Dinner at our house!
All our kids & grand kids except Jesse & Gabrielle (We miss you!)
Jeffrey & Jessica, My parents and the Craigs (my sister's family)

Melissa & Bryce Craig operate Presbyterian & Reformed Books (P&R) I believe the publishing company was begun by Bryce's father or grandfather who also published the magazine Christianity Today. My sister has several degrees in voice and has performed a major supporting role in the opera La Traviata just off Broadway. She has also taught private voice and for Covenant College. She has written her own music and lyrics and once had a piano accompanist who also played for Pavarotti. The Craig's live in Philipsburg, New Jersey.

Their oldest son Charles is a graduate of Messiah College whose expertise is computers. He works for P&R and coaches girl's volleyball at their local Christian School. Everyone in the family calls Charles for computer help.

Their oldest daughter Cherith is at Covenant for Elementary Ed. and could not be with us today. Julia is in her first year of music at Wheaton College, IL. She plays the violin and Sam is in high school and big into sports. Like the Birds all the Craigs are very tall and like basketball ... did you see that coming?
Our family has a lot of ties with Wheaton & Covenant. We are direct descendants form the first two presidents of Wheaton College (Blanchard is a family name). Wheaton was the college where Billy & Ruth Graham graduated. David's mother, Mary Bird was in the graduating class with Ruth Graham. My mother and her parents and my sister attended Wheaton and quite a few other family members. Covenant College is a Presbyterian College supported by our denomination. My uncle Ed Kellogg has taught art there for years. To view his art you can go to Josh and Caelen graduated from Covenant. Josh with a History & English degree and Caelen with a Fine Arts degree.

After turkey we got sleepy.

Wait! Asher had oatmeal.


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