August 15, 2009

Taking Care Of Me

Taking care of me means that I enjoy my work and serve others better and with more enthusiasm. I start with vitamins, proper sleep, and a healthy diet. I spend about an hour in the morning with devotions. These give me the stamina to exercise. If Dave & Jon are going to the WCS gym I try to tag along. It's family time and I feel really good afterwards. But we can't always take the time so I exercise at home. Besides gardening & housework ..... I joggerwalk around the neighborhood most mornings for about 20 minutes .... jog up and down the stairs, trampoline (they sell little ones at Walmart for around $30) and play with my rubber band for about 10 minutes a day, yoga or stretching for about 15 minutes. Some of these things can be done while watching TV all though I usually knit or quilt. It is a quiet pursuit at the end of the day that calms me and gets me ready for bed.
In the area of personal grooming, I get a good haircut about once a month. I do not color my hair. When I was young and had little to spend on my appearance I used apple cider vinegar for just about every skin condition. It is a great hair rinse too. Now that I am .... well, older (I didn't say old) I will admit to using a face cream. I've thought about the whole nip/tuck thing and while my family has had it's share of surgeries they were not the kind that would enhance your appearance. I'm not against cosmetic surgery but I don't think they are always that successful.
A little make up and having clothes that fit properly certainly helps me feel better about myself and I find people treat me with more respect too. When I was working full time I kept a running acount at my favorite dress shop on mostly sale items. In between full time jobs I shop thrift stores very successfully.


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