January 20, 2012

The Winter Gardener

I've brought in some of my garden to winter and I am nursing it thru till spring. Above, I found some fresh potted herbs at the Acme marked 40% off. I put both pots in my cart and continued my shopping only to be chased down by the horticulture employee who let me know that for today and for me they were 50% off. How really kind.

I like to grow my indoor plants in old ironstone chamber pots. And the herbs make any kettle of soup gourmet fare.


sueribs said...

seriously a great idea, should I find an old chamber pot :-) I will nab it! Do you know that yesterday I thought of YOU all day long, thinking how long it had been since I heard anything of or from you? So I asked God to be with you. Then the your Longaberger basket ad came today :-) hugs.

Melanie said...

<3 to Sue!

Joshua said...

It's been so warm you probably could have left them outside

Melanie said...

... actually still have some sage and parsley surviving out back.

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