August 8, 2010

Chambrun Orphanage

After the earthquake in Port A Prince, I went with Compassion Corp to the village of Chambrun to assist and to look for a child to adopt.

The orphanage is set within the village of Chambrun. It is walled off from the rest of the community and has a board gate that is shut with a nail or sometimes tied shut with a nylon rope. In the dirt yard there are a couple of small climbing apparatus for a play ground. The building itself has a large front porch With wooden benches for a place to catch the occasional breeze. Inside there are two bedrooms with two bunks each, a dining room with table and chairs and a pantry. Above left is the oldest child Ranaldo. To the right is one of two care takers for the children. She seems to be a responsible and very joyful woman.

The children are fed well .... mostly rice and beans which is what we ate mostly too. Top left is Samira, top right is Fiedline, lower left is a child whose mother is handicapped. I believe her name is De'de'. Her sister is at the orphanage as well. Besides Ronaldo there are two other boys, one named Wedenseen (we den sen) and I think the other is Deni. If so he is the one in the red shirt.
Ronaldo and Samura borrow my journal for some artwork.

The front porch of the orphanage. Rebecca (on the left) is a volunteer with another group from Indianapolis and Campus Crusade. We had a team from Texas and Holland too. It takes the Dutch about 36 hours to get to Haiti what with layovers and flights.

Fiedline & Wedenseen

Deni & Fiedline

Fe' magousy (to make monkey business)


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