June 5, 2010

Tom's Lighthouse Wedding Reception

Jerry and Raina met on the soft ball field. Jerry is a psychologist and the oldest son of Deborah and Al. Deborah and Al live in Berkley where she is a musician / artist / travel agent and Al evaluates architectural foundations against earthquakes (I can't remember his proper title). They have two more children, Micah and Ariella who also were both married this past year.

Roger Schmurr married my auntie Susan Kellogg and they have two children. Andrew, who is pictured on the right with his wife Shannon (you may remember I did a watercolor of their son Peyton) and Rebecca who could not be here with her husband Thaddeus McRae. Roger and Susan moved from Michigan, where they worked for the OPC, to retire near Andrew and Shannon in Texas. Susan is a vocalist and had a good bit to do with the work on the revised Trinity Hymnal. Roger worked on the New Horizons staff and does some preaching and teaching.

My cousins Jessica and Francesca are both married and have small, adorable children. They have a florist business together. Fran & Jess are the two oldest and only daughters of Ed & Doreen Kellogg. Ed and Doreen are artists. Above right my uncle Al chatting with my cousin Fabienne Boy also married. She has a little boy (you've heard of the Bird Boys .... she has the Boy Boy) and is the daughter of my aunt Janice (Kellogg) and uncle Greg Heath. Fab loves fashion and is always impeccably tasteful in her appearance. Greg is a doctor at a heart center in Tennessee and Jan is a musician. She plays the piano and inherited Gramma Kellogg's grand.

The above sketches were rendered from wedding photos by Jerry as gifts to his and Raina's parents. Pretty good for a psychiatrist.
These are just a few family members ... there are more pic's from the wedding.


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