June 5, 2010


Best man Micah and his wife Julie were there to make sure that Jerry and Raina had no worries on their wedding day. Below Is Micah and Jerry's sister Ariella and her husband Kevin Jones .... they are still newly weds.

My mother poses with a batch of Petermans. Top left are sisters Carol and Celia. To the right is their brother, my cousin Matt. Lower left is my great Aunt Mary and to the right is my mother, Gwen and cousin Celia.

Ed & Doreen Kellogg are the upper right. Uncle Ed has just retired from teaching in the art department at Covenant College. He still paints. Doreen makes banners mostly for schools and churches. Their oldest son Ben is to the left with his wife Julie.
Anselmo Heath is the youngest and the only single cousin I have left. He is in school and intending on a career as a male nurse. His sister Amalia is pictured on the right with her husband Ben Christman. They have three little girls, two of which are twins. Amalia is a nurse and has her hands full.


Joy Jama said...

What a beautiful wedding!!! It was so lovely to meet you on the plane! =)

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