April 19, 2010

Empty Nesters

For about three years in a row we have had house sparrows build a nest on our back porch. First we would notice the couple flitting back and forth and visiting the sight. Then a nest would appear and mamma would sit only to leave for traffic in and out the back door. It seemed like no time at all before mom & dad were back and forth feeding 3-4 little youngsters. And only a matter of weeks before all the babies had flown.
This went on until last Spring when the house sparrows again showed up but this time no nest was constructed on the traditional site. This year we have a nest but it remains unused and abandoned. I don't know why they snubbed the space last year but this year I wondered if it might have been because of Molly. The back door is her territory which she guards against the two interested Toms that live nearby. All though she would not be able to reach the little nest her presence might have made the sparrows less then comfortable.
But every year the sparrows come back and scope out the old homestead. I do wonder if they are the original couple or if they are the children and grand children.


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