December 10, 2009

Luminary Night

My house is dressed for the holidays except for the outdoor lights. This is David's job. On occasion we have strung outdoor lights on roof and tree but in the interest of time we have settled for two spotlights on the house and candles in the windows. Working two sometimes three jobs, David has a few time constraints. The spotlights only take a few minutes and when he has time he will do it. Preferably before Luminary Night.
This is the evening that our neighborhood turns on the lights and opens it's doors. Santa drives by on the local firetruck while sitting on the front porch of the neighbors house to greet small children. No one has yet to explain how he appears in two places at one time but he does!So there is a deadline for the spotlights. We will not exactly be keeping up with the Jonses but we will not be Scroogie either.

Finishing up the decorating today put me in mind of my little grandmother, Edith Mae Urban. The Christmas after her husband died she hung a wreath on her door. When we arrived at her home she apologized for the lack of decoration but explained that she had hung her wreath so as not to dishonor the Lord. I remember this sounding strange to me. I had heard so much more about the evils of materialism and missing the point of Christmas because we are so caught up in the trappings. Hanging that wreath and joining in the celebration must have cost her dear. But I think our Lord's heart was warmed that Christmas by a widow woman's two penny wreath.


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