November 15, 2009

Christmas Quilts

This is a my Christmas Quilt featuring Minnie & Mickey Mouse. The poetry & graphics came from a Christmas card: You're the sprinkles on the cookies, the sparkle on the snow, the twinkle in the starlit sky, the fires cozy glow, you're the whipped cream on the cocoa, the tinsel on the tree, You're everything that's wonderful at Christmas time to me. I thought it was charming.

This little quilt is a miniature Baltimore Album Quilt. The pattern I used was compiled by the woman who taught me to quilt 31 years ago. Her name is Anna Holland and the pattern was called Mini Madness. The individual blocks are about five inches square.
My first attempt at quilting was in high school for a history project. At the time I could only find one book with quilt patterns in black and white graphics. And there were no quilt shops. And I learned to type on a manual typewriter too. And I studied Latin. I never walked to school in a snowstorm or otherwise but a good bit of my life was spent living upstairs of the old school house. My parents rented a large Victorian Mansion in Leesburg, VA known as Waverly to start a small private Christian School. Some day I'll blog on that in more detail.
But my teacher Anna lived in a nearby town called Waterford in a small log cabin with a fireplace in the kitchen that was once used for cooking. It was at her home that she introduced a special class to advertise her new pattern and teach the applique method using freezer paper. I was pregnant with my first child, Joshua when I took the class and also made my first baby quilt. Since then I have made quilt for all my babies and grandbabies.


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