November 15, 2009

Baby Things

I like finding vintage fabrics at flea markets and yard sales. I decided to make a crib quilt out of this piece with some embroidery. I took the fabric to Staples to get an enlarged copy of the teddies to use as an embroidery pattern. I will use my light box to trace the pattern onto my muslin.

Speaking of baby things ..... Caelen & Samantha are expecting in June! Samantha has already rooted through my stash to find fabric for the baby quilt. Next time they are over she will look through my stash of baby clothes ..... little things that my kids wore and even some that were worn by me. I have a few sweet little nightshirts & blankies .... a layette that was made by my Gram (Great Grandmother, Lydia Clements) when I was born.


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