August 15, 2009


I was surprised ... in a good way, to find these pictures on my camera! Thank you Samantha! It gives me an opportunity to introduce you to my grand daughter. Lauren is a girly-girl. She wants to be a princess when she grows up. The highlight of her young life was meeting the Disney Princesses this past year when we were all down in Florida for a wedding. She was so excited she was shaking ..... she kissed their hands and cheeks ..... they represented all her dreams and aspirations. Her daddy did suggest to her that she might want to be a lawyer princess or a doctor princess .... but no. She just wants to be a princess. She likes to be feminine and has radar for where women keep their make-up, jewelry & perfume. I did not need to ask her where she had been one morning when she came down to the kitchen smelling strongly like Clinique, Happy In Bloom. She loves other little girls, dress up and tea parties. This year she is enrolled in an artsy pre-school.

Lauren is usually grinning ... even when she is saying, "sorry". But she can be quite stubborn and even naughty if she thinks you are annoyed with her (she also like sharpie permanent markers .... did I mention she was an artist?). But if she knows that you love her she is affectionate and responsive.


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