July 5, 2009

The English Teacher

Construction Zone
(Written during the Construction of the New High School)
Spring 2005
The columns and beams bolted together, the ironwork for the new school,
Formed three grey crosses as you look at it from
The window of the old school dispensation.
At the top of one column, an iron worker is perched,
Lining up the beams to support
The weight of white in coming winters.
Suddenly, a rusted bulldozer belching smoke
Hit a footer, and with an angry growl
Knocked the sturdy column.
The worker felt the jolt
Grabbed the rugged column at the cross
While the whole structure shuddered.
He froze in fear.
Envisioning falling free,
His fardels following.
Then he laughed,
Yelled an imprecation
At the beast below.
12 0'clock.
Hanging his bag of bolts
On a spike in arms reach,
He came down
Singing to his rest.
~David Bird
* * *
My Husband Is A Deacon
My husband is a deacon. He drives a pick-up truck.
On weekends he'd be movin' or helpin' them that's stuck.
He's dad to all the little kids come knockin' at the door.
The widow and the orphan he would be doin' for.
He's useful and right handy with the patchin' and the plumbin',
But most of it's for other folks. I hope my turn is comin'.
We don't have much but gratitude from all the friends we've made.
We have our hope in glory. That's all that can be said.
~Melanie Bird (A Light In The Window)


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