July 15, 2009

What I Like About You

Having Jacks is humbling. Sitting in the waiting room at the vets with all the other sedate shepherds, retrievers and tabbies and my dog is the only one going nuts. I told my vet I feel like a bad mother trying to explain that my child has a condition. She says not to worry. Jacks are excitable by nature and mine are good natured little dogs .... she's met some that aren't.

So now that I've shared the photo's of my "children" let me tell you what I like about them:

~ Trouser is settled and mature. He knows the house rules and practically wipes his feet when he comes in the door. While he likes the occasional recognition and pat on the head he is very low maintenance.

~ Scout yodels. While Trouser has a straight forward "woof" Scout has a range of sound from disappointment and dispare to gee whiz and I'm lonely or seriously annoyed. Sometimes I think their yapping gets to the neighbors but I could never shush her with a shock collar ..... I enjoy her vocals too much.

~ Molly is a restful presence at the end of the day. Sometimes she sits on the back of my chair. She seems to be interested when I hum and pats me on the head with her paw. Guess she thinks I'm purring. She likes me so she will put up with tight hugs and even a belly rub. It's funny to watch her bite the chair while I rub her belly. I don't think she really likes it.

I would tell you more about my boys but they are men now. They know how I feel.

And I want foster kids.


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